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Word Of Faith Outreach is the culmination of two churches, earnestly seeking God's best for the community, and finding the answer in each other. Pastor John McBride, along with his wife Delancy have spent years engaging, ministering to, and serving on the front lines of our community as their passion for outreach and desire to see lives changed led them to eventually planting Church On Fire Ministries in May of 2022.

As Church On Fire gained traction and continually found creative ways to shine the light of Jesus into the community around them, God was working behind the scenes to orchestrate a move that only he could make as Cultivate Church was serving the Lake Wylie community with the same passion and vision that was already at work in Downtown Rock Hill.

In early 2023, God began opening doors for Cultivate to move to a permanent, more expansive location, with greater opportunity to minister, resulting in a move from the familiar surroundings of Lake Wylie, to our new home at 1025 Saluda St. As Cultivate began to settle into the community, Pastor Zach Leiner reached out to his friend, Pastor John McBride about coming to preach for a service. This opened the door for a season of prayer and discernment as both pastors felt God had much bigger plans for their church communities.

After much prayer, discernment, conversation, and planning, Pastor Zach and Pastor John gave God their biggest 'yes' yet as the vision and dream of their two churches becoming one finally became a reality. With Pastor John's natural gifting, passion, and experience in serving throughout the area with a truly unique outreach ministry, Cultivate Outreach merged with Church On Fire Ministries, becoming Word Of Faith Outreach Ministries.

Under Pastor John and Delancy's leadership, Word Of Faith Outreach lives out the mission of Cultivate Church to shine the light of Jesus into a dark and hurting world. Some weeks this might look like loading up the van and delivering meals or care packages to shut ins or those with physical limitations. Others it looks like setting up shop and feeding the neighborhood. From clothing and providing shoes for the children in our community to providing mentorship to our youth and sharing the unshakable word of God, Word Of Faith Ministries is poised to impact the community around us through service.

For more information on our upcoming outreach opportunities, or to get involved, click the link below and see how you can shine the light of Jesus in someone's life today.

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