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My Cultivate Church


At Cultivate Church, we believe that the church has less to do with your physical location or gathering space and more to do with people whose heart is to impact others for Christ. The church is us: people who love Jesus serving others by parking cars, holding babies, praying with others, pouring coffee, and opening their homes.

In serving others, God changes us. It is a way to discover how we are made and how the Lord can use us. Serving provides us the opportunity to know more about how we are created and discover what we were created for. It gives us the chance to learn our likes and dislikes, our passions and discover our calling.


  • Everyday People: No lengthy resume of church experience necessary! We are looking for everyday people who are ready to see something like Cultivate happen in Lake Wylie. Donʼt think stuffy church—think summer bbq.


  • Diversity: A diverse, eclectic group with all types of backgrounds and interests makes for a fun, unique team and a true expression of the gospel.

  • Agreement: Our vision and values are important to us. Weʼve been praying that people would read through our values and inwardly say, “YES! FINALLY!” If you like them, youʼll like us. Weʼre not looking for perfect people, just people who embrace our values and are committed to growth.


  • Humility: Weʼre for each other and on a mission together. Thereʼs no time or room for a soapbox agenda. Team members need to be teachable and have a desire to serve each other and our community.


  • Availability: Cultivate, first and foremost, is a place to serve. The greatest thing that you bring to the team is not your skill or giftings. The ability we need most from you is your availability! We ask that team members try to be available at any outreach we do, which will be no more than once per month.

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